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Precision Ceramic Components

  • Ceramic Blades

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    Ceramic Blades

    - Ceramic blades Ceramic cutting components are wear-resistant, high performance, and long-life alternatives for traditional stainless steel and tungsten carbide components. All materials offer superior abrasion, erosion, and corrosion resistance when compared to steel blade...Read More

  • Ceramic Pins

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    Ceramic Pins

    - Ceramic pins Our ceramic pins are made of high purity alumina or zirconia material which has excellent performance. Such as: low thermal expansion and Electrical insulation.Read More

  • Ceramic Nozzles

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    Ceramic Nozzles

    - Ceramic nozzles Ceramic nozzles are used for high speed fluid. Typical applications include injection nozzles and sprinkling, used in tanks, centrifugal mixers and high pressure pumps. Success ceramics provide ceramic nozzle for a variety of severe duty applications. The...Read More

  • Ceramics Insulators

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    Ceramics Insulators

    - Ceramics insulators Ceramic insulators have been applied for over 100 years. The fact is ceramic are excellent electric insulators. And when the surface is smooth, ceramic are not sensitive flash-over. Ceramic insulators are being used abundantly. Examples are electrical...Read More

  • Ceramics Plungers

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    Ceramics Plungers

    - Ceramics plungers Ceramic plungers are applicable in dosing pump, high pressure alternative pump or internal machine parts subjected to requirement on wear resistance. Ceramic sleeve and ceramic piston can be jointed used in an assembled set with high precise gap for...Read More

  • Ceramic Dosing Pump

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    Ceramic Dosing Pump

    - Ceramic dosing pump Ceramic can be used in varied fields of industry. Through the high precision adjustment of piston and cylinder, gap clearance can be less than 3µm. The extraordinary degree of precision makes it possible to combine shape and positional tolerance as well...Read More

  • Ceramic Liners

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    Ceramic Liners

    - Ceramic liners By using a ceramic lining or coating, it is not necessary to make the entire product out of ceramic material. We have tube with standard dimensions available. With this, we can supply simply cover a product. For joining we use methods such as sealants, epoxy...Read More

  • Ceramic Nail Drill Bits

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    Ceramic Nail Drill Bits

    Ceramic nail drill bits Ceramic nail drill bits advantages: Higher hardness than metal, increase the lifespan of drill bit. Meanwhile, it has better polish performance than metal tool. Higher-efficiency heat dissipation than metal. It's suitable for manicure as well as...Read More

  • Ceramic Homogenizing Valve and Seat

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    Ceramic Homogenizing Valve and Seat

    - Ceramic homogenizing valve and seat In homogenization, as the liquid travels form the high-pressure zone in the cylinder through the area between the valve and seat, there is a large increase in fluid velocity and a corresponding decrease in fluid pressure. Ceramic...Read More

  • Ceramic Pumping Components

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    Ceramic Pumping Components

    - Ceramic pumping components The excellent erosive wear and corrosion of Zirconia ceramic has led to their uses in several pump components, typically parts subjected to high stress, such as shafts, couplings or thrust plates. Centrifugal pumps are available which have all...Read More

  • Complex Shape Ceramic Components

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    Complex Shape Ceramic Components

    - Complex shape ceramic components Our technology allows us to control the ways that ceramic particles stack upon one another in ways that unthinkable elsewhere in the ceramics industry. This translates to the forming of complex, near sharp components with virtually no...Read More

  • Customized Ceramic Components

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    Customized Ceramic Components

    - Customized ceramic components Mostly, we do ceramic component according customer’s drawings or samples. We select right ceramic materials for different applications. Specially, we offer samples to customer for confirmation before mass production. We support custom products...Read More

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