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Precision Ceramic Components

  • Ceramic Shafts

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    Ceramic Shafts

    - Ceramic shafts Fluval canister powder filter replacement Ceramic shaft for mag drive pumps Ceramic shaft for calcium reactors and skimmer models using the OTP pumps replacement Ceramic shaft for micro pumps Ceramic impeller shaftRead More

  • Ceramic Rings

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    Ceramic Rings

    - Ceramic rings By using the high purity material alumina or zirconia, after dry pressing or CIP pressing the powder, we keep the high quality ceramic ring blanks. Additionally, internal, external and double side grinding make the precision tolerance including dimension,...Read More

  • Ceramic Components for Wire EDM Components

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    Ceramic Components for Wire EDM Components

    - Ceramic components for wire EDM components Ceramic offer a wide range of advantages when compared with other materials such as steel or plastic. Ceramic is light weight and hard, stable and resistant to ageing, it doesn't rust, has a high electrical resistance and...Read More

  • Ceramic Fasteners Components

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    Ceramic Fasteners Components

    - Ceramic fasteners components When metal alloy fasteners or plastic fasteners failed. The ceramic fasteners may be the solution for high temperature and corrosive environments, or where electrical conductivity is a concern. Ceramic fasteners production methodology differs...Read More

  • Ceramic Valves

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    Ceramic Valves

    - Ceramic valves Ceramic valves can be submitted to severe operational conditions, like erosion, wear, high temperature, chemical attack and high pressure. Ceramic valve components can be produced in different geometries and ceramic materials. The same as assembled sets with...Read More

  • Ceramic Cutting Tools

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    Ceramic Cutting Tools

    - Ceramic cutting tools Success Ceramics use advanced zirconia, Alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide to produce ceramic cuuting tool for paper, plastic and wire industry which last up to hundreds times longer than traditional steel tools.Read More

  • Ceramic Dielectric Rails

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    Ceramic Dielectric Rails

    - Ceramic dielectric rails The outstanding properties of high purity alumina make this ceramic component suitable for use in fuel cells. Electrical insulation and thermal stability are vital features of any material used in dielectrics.Read More

  • Ceramic Welding Pins

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    Ceramic Welding Pins

    - Ceramic welding pins In fully automated positioning processes used in automotive body-shell assembly, positing pins made of zirconia ensure precis welding of body part. Success ceramics is a position to producer welding pins and centering pins for a wide variety of...Read More

  • Ceramic Centering Pins

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    Ceramic Centering Pins

    - Ceramic centering pins Ceramic centering pins offer increased accuracy and life-span under harsh environment and have become a global norm for many automated and semi-automated welding and assembling lines. Success ceramics can now supply a wide range of Zirconia and...Read More

  • Ceramic Tubes

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    Ceramic Tubes

    - Ceramic tubes Success ceramics offers a wide variety of tubes and rods manufactured from high-performance ceramic materials, including alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide. Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to your applications. Ceramic...Read More

  • Ceramic Pistons

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    Ceramic Pistons

    - Ceramic pistons The ceramic high performance piston are exceptionally well suited for extreme pressure application, such as water jet cutting. High resistance to wear and optimum sliding properties ensure a long operational lifetime. We supply suitable material in the...Read More

  • Ceramic Sleeves

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    Ceramic Sleeves

    - Ceramic sleeves Ceramic sleeves are very useful under corrosive conditions or in fluid that contain sand or other abrasive particles. After all, ceramics are much harder than sand and excellent resistant to practically every environment. Ceramic sleeves are applied in...Read More

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