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What Role Does The Ceramic Ring Play?
Sep 07, 2018

1. We all know that the ceramic ring is a very small item, but it can filter well and make our water clearer. The best water quality is obtained by optimal biological purification of fresh water and sea water. Ceramic rings are available for all bio-inner filters, outer filters, drop purification filtration systems and garden pond filters.

2, our products as efficient and durable filter materials are more useful than many small high-tech creatures. Biological filter cotton is used as a pre-filter material to avoid contamination by floating objects. Since the ceramic ring is covered with micropores, it is suitable for the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria, which can play a role in purifying water quality.

3, we have to put the filter ring on the shelf of the filter, the next step is to lay a layer of biochemical cotton for the paving work, and then filter the cotton, each time the water is changed according to the size of the tank to add nitrifying bacteria ( The nitrifying bacteria have a calculation method for the amount of the added amount. The nitrifying bacteria adhere to the filter ring and the biochemical cotton, and can eat nutrients in the water to become the dominant species.

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