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Precautions For The Use Of Ceramic Plunger Pumps
Sep 07, 2018

1. Select clean and high-quality hydraulic oil, generally filter once a month, replace it once every three months, and replace it in time after deterioration;

2, the pump can not start and work without the cooling water, in order to prevent the porcelain plunger from chilling and bursting and the rubber seal ring is damaged by heat, this water also plays the role of flushing the plunger to extend the plunger and The life of the seal ring;

3. The sealing ring should not be pressed too tightly, so it is suitable to not leak slurry;

4. When the pump is stopped for a long time in the cold season, the mud in the pump should be exhausted to prevent the pump from cracking;

5. The seals in the oil pressure system and mud pipeline should be replaced in time after wear;

6. The plunger stroke should be as long as possible, so that the piston does not hit the end cap of the cylinder, and the reversing agility is appropriate;

7. When the mud pressure fluctuation value is greater than 0.2 MPa from the pressure gauge of the air tank, the pump must be stopped, the lower valve is opened, the mud is drained, the air is replenished, and if necessary, the pressure gauge on the air tank is removed. Upper port flush valve box;

8. Check and flush the valve box regularly (around a week);

9, the bladder-type accumulator should be filled with nitrogen or argon after half a year, the inflation pressure is 3.0MPa.

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