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Practical Application And Development Prospects Of Ceramic Tools
Sep 07, 2018

Although the research level of China's ceramic knives is not worse than that of foreign countries, the actual application development is slow. According to relevant information, the proportion of domestic ceramic tools in total tool use is currently less than 1%. Silicon nitride ceramic tools are a new type of tool that has been popularized in production in recent years. Therefore, there is a lack of mature experience in terms of tool geometry, cutting volume and use technology.

China's ceramic knives have a small proportion in the indexable tool, the annual output is less than 0.1% of the cemented carbide. From the perspective of cutting performance, China's ceramic tools are developing in the direction of rough machining and intermittent cutting of high-hardness alloy cast iron. The ST new composite ceramic tool developed by Beijing University of Science and Technology can cut the high-speed steel hob with HRC63 or above intermittently. In addition to various turning tools, milling cutters and planers are being developed in the tool varieties.

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