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Ceramic Valve Introduction
Sep 07, 2018

The valves commonly used in various industries in China are metal valves. The use of metal valves has been around for hundreds of years. Although metal valves have been improved in structure and materials, they are not limited by the properties of metal materials. The demand for harsh working conditions is mainly reflected in the short service life, and the serious leakage greatly affects the stability of the system operation.

The ceramic material has a small deformation amount and has much higher mechanical strength than metal. Generally, the crystal ionic radius of the ceramic material is small, and the ion electricity price is high, and the coordination number is large. These properties determine the tensile strength of the ceramic material, The compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, hardness, and the like are very high. However, the "brittle" and difficult processing of ceramic itself limits its application range. In the past decade, due to the development and progress of martensitic transformation toughening technology, composite technology and nano-ceramic concept, ceramics have been made " The brittleness has been greatly improved, its toughness and strength have been greatly improved, and the scope of application has been continuously expanded. In recent years, the application of new ceramic materials in petroleum, chemical, machinery and other fields is very active. The use of ceramic wear resistance and corrosion resistance to make wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts instead of metal materials is an important factor in the high-tech materials market in recent years. One of the development directions.

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