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Advantages Of Porcelain Composite Insulators
Sep 07, 2018

1. The composite electric insulator has a large creepage distance. Under the premise of ensuring the safety distance to the ground and the safety distance of air penetration, the enhanced anti-pollution ability can reduce the number of insulators to reduce the string length, reduce the tower height, and save 26% of steel. , saving 50% of the land, and can effectively solve the problem of insufficient distance to the ground in the transfer.

2. Avoid the large loss of power grid enterprises and power and industrial power loss caused by power outage cleaning and maintenance.

3. Avoid personal accidents in line maintenance operations.

4. Reduce the amount of maintenance personnel and capital investment required for maintenance of the line, and reduce operating costs.

5. Solved the inconvenient transportation in the maintenance work, and through the harsh conditions such as the mountains and mountains.

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