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Abrasion Factors Of Alumina Ceramic Structural Parts
Sep 07, 2018

It is understood that an important factor in the wear of alumina ceramic molds is the strong external force. In the process of using the product, once the impact force or pressure is applied, the alumina ceramic structural parts will wear or break, so it should Try to avoid collisions with objects during operation and reduce damage.

Secondly, if the alumina ceramic structure is used for a long time, it will also have a certain degree of wear, but this is a normal phenomenon, and it only needs to be replaced after it is worn out, indicating the service life of the alumina ceramic structure. The period is over.

In addition, the general environmental factors will cause the wear of alumina ceramic structural parts. The so-called general environmental factors refer to the influence of medium in the environment, the influence of wind, the influence of temperature, etc., often because of long-term wind erosion. The structural parts are worn out.

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