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What are the types of ceramic nozzles?
Sep 07, 2018

Since the introduction of ceramic nozzles into China in the 1990s, the ceramic nozzles have been continuously improved and improved, mainly in terms of shape and materials:

1. Shape: The shape of ceramic nozzle is from the earliest spiral, large volume, 2 turns spray, gradually developed into spiral, eddy, small volume.

2. materials: materials gradually develop from oxide ceramics to nitride ceramics and carbide ceramics.

The ceramic nozzles we refer to in our country refer to the following:

1. Oxide ceramic nozzle (refers to alumina and zirconia materials)

2. Nitride ceramic nozzle (refers to silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide material)

3. Silicon carbide ceramic nozzle (refers to silicon carbide, boron carbide material)

Oxide ceramic nozzles have been phased out due to their lower performance than silicon nitride nozzles and silicon carbide nozzles.

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