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What are the advantages of ceramic rings?
Sep 07, 2018

1. The water quality is not so good. We can filter it through the ceramic ring. The best biological quality through optimal biological purification of fresh water and seawater is a purely biologically enhanced filter material for all bio-inner filters, outer filters, drop purification filtration systems and garden pond filters.

2, ceramic ring is a high-tech microbial product, with high technical content to produce, because the ceramic ring is covered with micro-pores, suitable for the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria, can play a role in purifying water, can be played in small filters Efficient.

3, its role is very rapid and can clearly see the effect, so that our water quality has been significantly improved, whether it is fresh water or seawater aquarium, the best water plants to maintain health. Reduce the water exchange frequency, long service life, no decomposition, seawater corrosion resistance, can be used in most filters, unique pore structure makes the nitrifying bacteria live and work in peace.

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