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Wear-resistant ceramic sheet hardness is second only to diamond
Sep 07, 2018

The wear-resistant ceramic liner is a kind of material mainly composed of alumina (AL2O3), supplemented with other ingredients, and sintered at a high temperature of 1700 °C. It is a composite product of ceramic small squares and rubber vulcanized. A kind of wear-resistant pipe with high hardness, hard wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

The wear-resistant ceramic lining is a special corundum ceramic which is made of aluminum oxide as the main raw material and rare metal oxide as a flux and is calcined by a high temperature of one thousand seven hundred degrees. Wear-resistant ceramic sheet hardness ≥ HRA85, second only to the hardness of diamond, and the surface smooth friction coefficient is small, the wear resistance is very good, especially in high-temperature oxidizing medium or corrosive medium, ceramic patch material compared with other metal materials The performance is much superior.

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