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Indexable machine clamp ceramic blade features
Sep 07, 2018

During use, when the cutting edge is blunt, no sharpening is required, and only through the indexing of the ceramic insert, the cutting can be continued with the new cutting edge, only when all the cutting edges on the indexable insert are blunt Only need to replace the new blade.

The indexable insert ceramic insert is one of the types, which has the advantages of welded and machine-clamped regrind cutters, as well as stable cutting performance and chip breaking performance, short stop-changing time, completely avoiding welding and sharpening. The resulting thermal stress and thermal cracking are beneficial to the rational use of cemented carbide and new composite materials, and are beneficial to the professional production of shank and inserts.

Therefore, the application range of the indexable ceramic inserts has been continuously expanded, and has become an important direction of tool development.

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