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How to use ceramic roller properly
Sep 07, 2018

For instructions on using ceramic rollers, please see below:

1. The inner cavity of both ends of the ceramic roller bar should be filled with refractory fiber cotton with a length of 30-50mm, and the depth of insertion is 60-80mm long, but not more than 100mm;

2, ceramic roller bar surface protective coating can reduce the corrosive effect of chemical substances on the roller, reduce the occurrence of broken roller accidents, so the roller bar should be coated with a protective coating on the surface before entering the kiln. The length of the sizing is generally 100 mm longer than the effective width in the kiln, and the thickness is between 0.8 mm and 1.2 mm;

3. Before loading into the kiln, the ceramic roller should be fully dried (about 1-2 days) next to the kiln or the top of the kiln before it can be used in the kiln;

4. Regularly clean the surface bond and deposits on the ceramic roller. Rollers are brittle materials, and should be cleaned to avoid knocking, impact, impact and other methods that are prone to mechanical stress;

5. It is better to reduce the temperature to 800 °C when the ceramic roller is replaced. Rollers should be loaded as fast as possible into or out of the kiln, and the extracted ceramic roller should adopt the correct cooling method to prevent local cooling caused by wind;

6. When pumping the rod at high temperature, the ceramic roller rod should be quickly and rotated, preferably placed on a special rotating bracket with refractory cotton, kept in a rotating state until the temperature drops below 600 degrees, or covered with insulation cotton. Slowly cool, the hot roller rods should not be in direct contact with the ground, and avoid contact with cold metal and objects with too much temperature difference with ceramic rollers.

In addition, the ceramic roller must also carefully check its straightness, diameter, etc. for reuse.

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