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Ceramic molding process
Sep 07, 2018

The ceramic molding process is roughly as follows: the raw materials are formed by gypsum or resin-type master molding by means of low-pressure rapid discharge or high-pressure grouting, etc. - drying - glazing - firing - assembly - packaging, each process is subject to full inspection or experiment.

Grouting molding: Where the bismuth material is made into a slurry with a certain fluidity and suspensibility by the action of temperature and plasticizer, it is injected into the mold for solidification molding.

Press forming: a molding method for pressing a dry powder material into a compact body in a steel mold. Plastic molding method: processing a billet having plasticity by an external force generated by a movement of a mold or a cutter, so that the billet is subjected to an external force A method of forming plastic deformation.

Isostatic pressing: refers to a technical scale in which all directions of the powder are uniformly pressed at the same time: according to the size and tolerance requirements of the product drawing specifications, according to the shrinkage rate of the blank and the process factors in the processing and preparation of the working mold The effect of shrinkage is increased by the corresponding size. Spinning molding uses a rotating plaster mold and a template knife to shape the mud; in the roll forming, the rotating plaster mold and the rotary type rolling head are used to shape the mud.

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