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Fine Ceramics for Semiconductor Industry

  • Ceramic Components for Semiconductor Industry

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    Ceramic Components for Semiconductor Industry

    - Ceramic components for semiconductor industry Success Ceramic specializes in technical ceramic manufacturing of semiconductor parts and components. By using the high purity ceramic materials and precision machining, we can meet the customer requirement. The semiconductor...Read More

  • Ceramic Vacuum Arms

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    Ceramic Vacuum Arms

    - Ceramic vacuum arms Success ceramics is a quality supplier of ceramic handling arms for semiconductor. We manufacture from high purity alumina material for all kinds of customized ceramic arms. Including: Y-sharp ceramic arms, U-sharp ceramics, fork sharp ceramic arms.Read More

  • Ceramic Wafers Chuck

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    Ceramic Wafers Chuck

    - Ceramic wafers chuck Our ultra-flat ceramic vacuum wafer chucks. Stepper chucks improve yield management for semiconductor wafer processing. Low-surface-contact configurations minimize the risk of back-side particles for sensitive application. Our ceramic wafer chucks...Read More

  • Ceramic Chamber Deposition Equipment Components

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    Ceramic Chamber Deposition Equipment Components

    - Ceramic chamber deposition equipment components The ceramic material is chosen based on the deposition chemistry to which will be exposed. For example, if plasma is used, a minimum 99.5% alumina must be used. The same consideration of gas chemistry is needed for determining...Read More

  • Ceramic Lift Pins

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    Ceramic Lift Pins

    - Ceramic lift pins Our ceramic lift pins are made of high purity alumina and zirconia. Which provide longer life than steel pins with no risk of electrical shorting. Due to the high hardness and manufacturing process for the ceramic, all parts are finished to specification...Read More

  • Ceramic End Effector

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    Ceramic End Effector

    - Ceramic end effector Ceramic end effector is used to manipulate and carry silicon wafers through the whole production process. The chemical inertness of ceramics allows those components to contamination-free for the wafer in particular in chemical wet etching baths. Ceramic...Read More

  • Ceramic Sensor Cap

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    Ceramic Sensor Cap

    - Ceramic sensor cap From ultra-sensitive pressure and temperature sensors to oxygen and chemical sensors, success ceramic provides high-performance ceramic components for world class performance in virtually any service condition or application, including sensor elements and...Read More

We're professional fine ceramics for semiconductor industry manufacturers and suppliers, providing high quality technical ceramics with competitive price. Be free to wholesale or buy bulk fine ceramics for semiconductor industry made in China here from our factory. Also, customized service is available.
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